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General Rules

General Rules will be updated over time as people cause problems smile

Rules for now both on the forums and in terms of use of your lowendspirit VPS are:

  1. Don't link to illegal/copyrighted material
  2. Don't go out of your way to annoy anyone
  3. Introduce yourself within 2 hours of registration or your account will be removed.
  4. Do not post node IP's in the forum.
  5. No crypto currency mining
  6. No TOR
  7. NO TOR!!
  8. No Open proxies
  9. No torrents, YES this means dont use the server as a proxy/VPN to download torrents from home either.
  10. Mikho may not admit it but he loves being called Mik the viking, please take every opportunity to call him this.
  11. Nyr is a bandit
  12. Ray xxx
  13. Be respectful to your fellow forum members.
  14. If you have a grievance with a fellow forum member please keep it away from the public forum.
  15. If anyone has any personal information posted about them it will be removed upon request.
  16. Please try to get along.

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Am I allowed to run ......

  1. tor is not allowed in any form.
  2. anonymous proxy servers of any kind, this also includes password protected ones that you have no method of auditing if you plan to give others access.
  3. qemu … common guys stop running windows on this, I dont need to tell you why and if I do you should not have bought it.
  4. torrent clients/servers directly on the VPS
  5. anything that is illegal.

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