List of public "Looking Glass" services at LowEndProviders

Provider Country State/City URL Maintained by *
Cloud Shards US United States Buffalo, NY Cloud Shards
Cloud Shards US United States Dallas, TX Cloud Shards
Cloud Shards US United States Los Angeles, CA Cloud Shards
EDIS AT Austria Vienna EDIS/William
EDIS CH Switzerland Zürich EDIS/William
EDIS CL Chile Vina del Mar EDIS/William
EDIS DE Germany Frankfurt EDIS/William
EDIS ES Spain Madrid EDIS/William
EDIS FR France Paris EDIS/William
EDIS HK Hongkong New Territories EDIS/William
EDIS IS Iceland Hafnarfjördur EDIS/William
EDIS IM Isle of Man Douglas EDIS/William
EDIS IT Italy Milano EDIS/William
EDIS NL Netherlands Amsterdam EDIS/William
EDIS PL Poland Warsaw EDIS/William
EDIS SE Sweden Nacka EDIS/William
EDIS UK United Kingdom London EDIS/William
EDIS US United States Chicago, IL EDIS/William
FitVPS BG Bulgaria Varna FitVPS
Fusioned DE Germany Düsseldorf George_Fusioned
Fusioned NL Netherlands Alblasserdam George_Fusioned
GetKVM DE Germany Düsseldorf GetKVM
GetKVM US United States New Jersey, NJ GetKVM
GetKVM MD Moldova Chișinău GetKVM
IPXcore US United States Buffalo, NY IPXcore
IPXcore US United States San Diego IPXcore
Knightswarm US United States Las Vegas, NV Knightswarm
OneAsiaHost SG Singapore Singapore OneAsiaHost
RansomIT AU Australia Adelaide RansomIT
RootNerds DE Germany Frankfurt Ideal-Hosting UG
SecuredSpeed US United States Los Angeles, CA SecuredSpeed
Simplenode US United States Dallas, TX SimpleNode
Simplenode US United States Phoenix, AZ SimpleNode
The Liechtenstein Limited CZ Czech Republic Prague William

Please remember to keep providers (and locations within provider, by country code) in alphabetic order when adding new items.

* - just a provider name if maintained officially by the provider, or a LET username if ran by a regular customer of that provider.

Here's a cool script that you can install on your VPS/dedi and have a Looking Glass similar to ones listed above: