…or “why I can't connect to my IP. It is 10.10.10.XXX”.

As a lot of users are confused, I would like to copy my answer from another thread and expand it a little bit. LowEndSpirit is offering a semi-hybrid* IPv6 ultra-low-cost VPS service. I can hear you saying “Yeah, yeah, I've read it a lot of times, but I got an IP, which is 10.10.10.XXX (or 192.168.10.XXX)” You are right, and wrong. What do I mean: Yes, you have 5 IPs, not 1. And the one you mentioned is not one of those. At least, not in the way you think.

There are certain IP ranges, used for LAN, Intranet and other networking stuff like that. Meaning, you can use them outside of a local network. These ranges are: 1) ⇒ 2) ⇒ *used for Automatic Private IP Addressing - APIPA* 3) ⇒ 4) ⇒ Your real IP (or better, IPs) are those strange long things… 2agr:1630:2:f00::5bpf:0000 (yep, that one's invalid on purpose). This is a relatively newer implementation of the Internet Protocol, known as IPv6. To be able to use one of those IP from your computer, you must have IPv6 connectivity. Use a site like test-ipv6.com to see if you have that. If you see a red cross and “No IPv6 address detected”, then you won't be able to use your VPS. Or will you? As already established in numerous posts and other places, you can have 20 ports on a shared IPv4, and use one of them for SSH. You just have to ask for the public server IP via the ticket system. I won't go into “how to change the SSHd port”, as it has already been mentioned a lot of times. There are 4 ways in total to access your VPS: 1) Use IPv6 to connect to one of the addresses you were assigned, at the new port. If that fails, you don't have IPv6 connectivity. If you are sure you have IPv6 connectivity, then you didn't restart the SSH Daemon so try to connect to the default port. 2) Use the serial console on SolusVM. You can connect and confirm you changed the port. 3) Allow someone else to access your VPS, at your own responsibility, to confirm that you have made the needed changes. now, the 4th option is going to cost you a little bit… 4) You can ask InceptionHosting to do it for you, but I warned you, they will charge you (and they should… I mean, they are not even obliged to provide IPv4 connectivity) smile

* By “semi-hybrid” I mean that even though it is IPv6 only, you have some IPv4 ports available on the public server IP, but you have to ask InceptionHosting for info. They won't charge you for this.

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