Did you receive email “Your New VPS Details (READ IN FULL)”?
Did you read the email“Your New VPS Details (READ IN FULL)”?

This is the wiki article where the different parts of that email is explained.

The first part of the email is a confirmation that you have agreed to the acceptable use policy and terms of service.

Server Details

The second part contains information about your VPS.

Main IP: this is the INTERNAL IP that you have been assigned (this dictates the ports that you can use to connect to your VPS)

Other IP Addresses: here are the IPv6 addresses that you have been assigned. root password : replaced with the character *, the number of * is not necessarily the same as the number of characters in your password!

ServerName: the name you set when signing up, this name will also be used in the client area describing your VPS.

IPv4 NAT IP Information

This part contains the EXTERNAL IP for each location. Makes sure you use the correct external IP by double-checking your internal IP.

You can use all ports if you connect using IPv6, IPv4 is however limited to 20 ports. If you do not know what NAT is you can read more here or here.

NEVER post the external IP anywhere on the internet.

SSH Access information

This part lists your INTERNAL IPv4 address which is kind of pointless since you can not use that unless you connect from another LowendSpirit VPS at the same location (that doesn't work at the time of writing this article).

REVERSE Proxy Info

Here is some interesting information! If you want to host a website on your LES VPS and don't want to use Cloudflare or similar services to translate IPv6 to IPv4 ypu need to request a reverse procy entry. This part tells the best/fastest way to accomplish this.

VPS SolusVM Control Panel

Here is the link and login information (except password) to SolusVM that is used to control your VPS. From SolusVM you can reinstall, reboot, change root password and do other administrative tasks.


With this product only support method is via the forums at http://forum.lowendspirit.com but you already knew that from the signup phase, right?


The last part of the email and also the most important part when it comes to how your experience using a LowEndSpirit VPS will be.

Thats a fast walkthrough of the different parts in the email. Now let's start using the VPS!